Sears Catalogue 1992


My thoughtful friend, Meghan, sent me two giant Sears catalogues from 1992 in the mail recently. These fashions are 25 years old and are they ever fascinating.


Our eyes used to have to work overtime to ascertain some of the complicated patterns.


These colors are making my eyes water!


This is some sort of cross between a jacket and a poncho.


These elastic waistbands were if you got really bad gas.


Speaking of really bad gas, McDonald’s has its own clothing line. Sears started to sell McKids clothing in 1987 and even opened up some freestanding stores. By 1991, things came crashing to a halt and all 47 of the stores were closed down. In 1997, McKids and WalMart got together, the two assholes of America. McKids was sold at WalMart for six years. Now the brand can be found in China, where the clothes are probably made for pennies on the dollar.


This was one of the McKids outfits.


Something like this would get a person kicked out of a place like Planet Fitness these days. There are guidelines on what to wear at that chain because they do not want their core clientele to be intimidated.


This was when you could express yourself with overalls.


Fishing for compliments.


Hemlines were waaaay up in the summer of ’92.


I don’t care for how butts look in jeans with no pockets.


Sometimes when you are on a modeling shoot, you will have to pretend you are in warm weather when it is really 35 degrees.


The boxer shorts look was short lived. They look like they are in dad’s undies.


You really can’t do much if you are trying to keep your white jeans pristine.


Sorry if these were the only jeans you could find when you went shopping back in the day. “Midnite Ice” was a market hog.


If high heels were so great, men would wear them, too.


Zip Zap Zop


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