Thrifting, Again


I was pleased, to say the least, when a thrift store from across town moved within walking distance of my house. “Hellooo, it’s me again!”

It is called The Economy Center. It is run by volunteers, always elderly, and the prices are often in cents.

I like to take pictures of interesting things I find in stores like these. It also helps cut down on any impulses to buy. Sometimes just having a photograph of it serves that reward center.


This Burger King watch should be on your gift list for any man in your life. The Economy Center had THREE of these masculine, handsome watches in stock.


This store has a large book selection as well for book hunters.

This story was about a family of three whose car breaks down. The father goes to look for help and leaves his two young daughters behind. One girl has to piss like a racehorse and takes her sister with her to find a shitter. They go into a library and are in the lavatory as the library is locked up for the night. This results in the pair getting locked inside the library. As if that is not drama enough, they hear a ghost gallivanting around. I hope they are alive at the end of the story!


I thought, oh, this is probably another book about sorority girls and mixed drinks. Upon closer inspection, I found it was really about twins trying to help a Russian friend defect. It is sort of a lighthearted title for such a serious topic, in my opinion.


This is a Harlequin Romance which places THREE novels in ONE. What a deal. Check out the author’s name. Neels??? For one of these slimeball romances? It’s got to be a pen name.


This Enrique Inglesias VHS was promptly removed from near mint status the second that black sharpie hit its surface. In Spanish class in high school, we used to sing his song, “Just Another Day Without You” in Spanish.


This isn’t from the store, but from my own home. It is a pen filled with 2,000 dollars worth of cash. I’m a rich bitch!


Wondering About Wonder Bread And 1986 Ads


When I was snooping at my mom’s house, I found this piece of ephemera from an age gone by. I was pretty disgusted to find Wonder Bread put out matches at one point in time.


Wonder Bread managed to maintain its false innocence. It was actually a kit to repair stocking runs. This was a new concept to me. When you think you have seen it all, a new discovery surfaces.


The advertising on the back of the kit claims that Wonder Bread builds a strong body in not only one, but EIGHT ways. I was taught that Wonder Bread is basically empty calories. Not only do they bleach out essential nutrients to make it white, there is a lot of sugar in this bread.


At EMU, I had a teacher who asked us to somehow obtain a piece of Wonder Bread. He advised to take a bite and then chew on it for as long as possible, well after it had reached the mush stage. After a while, you will begin to taste a stark sweetness. This is when Wonder Bread shows its true colors. Sugar cake holding your lettuce and tomatoes together.


My sister gave me about ten old magazines she found at the cheapstore. I have only begun to crack these relics.


I found one headline to be bemusing. Why on God’s green Earth would anyone keep a medical discovery that could help other people a secret? Are we monsters?


This was one of the ads inside. One may think they are buying an alternative if they purchase Tab Soda. This is not the case. Tab is owned by big corporation, Coca-Cola. Joan Crawford is laughing at you from beyond every time you swallow a drink of Tab.


I feature this because it gave me an instance in whoch the past crashed into present with a screeching hault.  The  facial recognition program on my phone went bananas. Squares framing every face!!!


Finally, this shit. I don’t think it is around anymore. Probably causes cancer like every other mock food.


Sticker Book


People used to be able to find most anything they needed at K-Mart, even rifles. “You Can’t Do Better Than K-Mart” sounds like a narcissist was on the marketing team.


My mom used to love to take pictures. When she went to K-Mart, she was always getting photo albums. Sometimes she would get some for us to put stickers in.


Scratch and Sniff were some of the most popular kind. I remember what most of these smell like. Our sense of smell, olfactory, is said to be among the strongest of all! In one of our books, we have a band aide Scratch and Sniff. Jeez, desperate for new smells, I guess. It was pretty authentic, though. The creator of Garbage Pail Kids could have put out nasty smell stickers. Litter box? Vomit breath? Piss in an alley?


ET was a very popular movie at this time, so naturally, he would grace stickers. Don’t think this one is trademarked.


This sticker recognized that Generation X was growing weary of creepy Baby Boomers.


No type of sticker was off limits- here is a banana sticker.


Pac Man was basically the son of God during this era.


Was this some idea for a TV show?


Waka Waka?


This is what it looks like when Pac Man eats a ghost in slow mo.


Sugar Cereals hoped stickers might boost their sales. At least they were trying to sticker about something responsible. I’m not sure what a sticker does to improve biking safety, though. Maybe it came with a pamphlet. Or the back of the cereal box could have provided all kinds of tips to keep safe. PSAs need to come back.


A child might mistake a stamp for a sticker but stamps are there to do a job.




Sears Catalogue, Part II


In 1993. the Sears Catalogue was there before online shopping existed. You had a choice of ordering by mail or phone.


Sears would deliver anything right to your doorstep, even a wooden swimming pool!


Color was really celebrated in 1993.


Look at how many choices you had for your jorts!


Although, nothing compares to the classic!


Sometimes, the color was all washed out and that was “in”, too.


Little accents of color was appreciable. Watch out for those Crips!


Not your average, boring socks in 1993!


Members only had their own line of luggage at this moment in time.


Typically, Members Only was known for their jackets, just like this one Corey Feldman is wearing in what must be Lost Boys.


At a garage sale a few days back, I spotted a “VIP Only” jacket. Members versus VIP! What a rivalry.


In 1993, it was trendy to wear biker shorts underneath another pair of shorts. Layers equaled more color!


If this is the Canadian tuxedo…


…this must be the Canadian prom dress.


Too much denim!


This is if you took one of those Jason Voorhees type jumpsuits and made a dress of it.


These were considered classic, down to earth colors back then.


Whoa, you boys are drowning in those things!


I don’t like to think that a woman gave birth on the beach. Sand gets everywhere!

Vertical stripes were everywhere. I hope these do not resurface.


This piece of furniture was to store all your VHSes.


The entertainment center was an outfit that stored VCRs, televisions, gaming consoles, and stereos all in one place.


What a status symbol!


This picture illustrated the newer concept of motion detection lights.


This touchtone pad was another mode of security for the home.


He does not look happy.


Gen X rules!


Pure Moods!


The perfect outfit for the first day of school.


Thanks, again, to my great friend, Meghan, for sending me these wonderful catalogues!



Sears Catalogue 1992


My thoughtful friend, Meghan, sent me two giant Sears catalogues from 1992 in the mail recently. These fashions are 25 years old and are they ever fascinating.


Our eyes used to have to work overtime to ascertain some of the complicated patterns.


These colors are making my eyes water!


This is some sort of cross between a jacket and a poncho.


These elastic waistbands were if you got really bad gas.


Speaking of really bad gas, McDonald’s has its own clothing line. Sears started to sell McKids clothing in 1987 and even opened up some freestanding stores. By 1991, things came crashing to a halt and all 47 of the stores were closed down. In 1997, McKids and WalMart got together, the two assholes of America. McKids was sold at WalMart for six years. Now the brand can be found in China, where the clothes are probably made for pennies on the dollar.


This was one of the McKids outfits.


Something like this would get a person kicked out of a place like Planet Fitness these days. There are guidelines on what to wear at that chain because they do not want their core clientele to be intimidated.


This was when you could express yourself with overalls.


Fishing for compliments.


Hemlines were waaaay up in the summer of ’92.


I don’t care for how butts look in jeans with no pockets.


Sometimes when you are on a modeling shoot, you will have to pretend you are in warm weather when it is really 35 degrees.


The boxer shorts look was short lived. They look like they are in dad’s undies.


You really can’t do much if you are trying to keep your white jeans pristine.


Sorry if these were the only jeans you could find when you went shopping back in the day. “Midnite Ice” was a market hog.


If high heels were so great, men would wear them, too.


Zip Zap Zop



I took a pleasant stroll through Cat’s Meow today. I found the perfect gift for the guy or gal who has everything, provided they do not have a phobia of clowns. This clown looks very friendly, though. These types of clowns should not cause too many problems.


I am more concerned with guys like these.


I was stupefied when I saw this. I have always known the Berenstain Bears to be secular. The children look worried.


They probably remember this and are experiencing anxiety based on what they have heard.


People used to lug around their big stereos with them in the 70s and 80s.


I went to a Flea Market Festival this weekend and saw this CenterStage pin. CenterStage is a theatre company. Boy George is in there, too. Boy George recently participated in an episode of the television show, Gogglebox. It is a British series in which people watch television and give commentary.


I bought this for myself for two dollars. It is from 1983. Don’t worry. This purse is all man made materials.


I also got this keychain. If you know me, there is a decent chance I will call that number at some point in time.


I found this at a garage sale. Check out Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris teaming up.


Endorsement gold!


Remember when Chuck Norris jokes ruled the internet?


This game gave me pause.


The ages are ten and up.


I am not sure this is the best game for those with raging hormones. It could lead to something that really should have never happened.


I found this at an Estate Sale. The guy running the place wanted to know my nephew’s favorite Star Wars character bc of his YODA shirt. He was iffy about answering, so I told him to tell the guy, Jar Jar Binks. The guy was not pleased with that response.


This was back when Barbie proclaimed, “We girls can do anything!”


“I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.” Can you imagine wishing such a thing? Just why.

Adventures in Flea Marketing


When I saw this at the Flea Market this weekend, I was amazed. This iconic relic was not only in its original package but made in the USA, of all places.

The t-shirt was a premium from Love’s Baby Soft, a perfume that was a rite of passage for girls in the 70s and 80s.

You may not have been ready for Charles of the Ritz or Tigress by Faberge, but you may have gotten this for your 12th birthday. It was all a little backward: They were telling you that you were growing up by making you smell like a freshly changed baby rump.


Once, I bought a bottle just as a throwback and spritzed some on. My boyfriend Robert said, “I hate that stuff.”


This cologne was for the bad boy set.


If you smell this stuff, look out for your heart!


I saw some nice vintage cabbage patch pins. The vendor informed me they were from the 80s.


Robert said this one looked like Eric Cartman in a dress.


This 1989 VHS tape promised to save you $5,000 everytime you bought a car. It was a $49.95 investment, which is wild for a VHS but a decent price for a secret or 25.


I guessed these were from the 90s. They look like they are decorated with the Hamburger Helper glove.



This 2007 book showed that dance moves a decade old were still cool.




and lock


Cargo pants are nice because you can carry a lot of things around in them.


Finally, you could get your picture taken at department stores such as JCPenney or Sears back before digital cameras changed the world. They would normally throw in a few little pendents such as this one with your package.


KISS on Oprah 1987

Screenshot (4239)

In 1987, Oprah hosted KISS members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on her show.

Screenshot (4248)

Gene boasted he slept with over 2,000 women.


He must have gone through  a lot of these!

Screenshot (4242)

Paul said they started the band to hook up with women. Oprah wanted to know if anybody ever wanted more than a hook up.

Screenshot (4241)

Gene said there was no superficial crap expected in these hook ups like there was in dating. He then wanted to know if it was okay if he said crap. Oprah said that was fine.

Screenshot (4249)

Some people looked disappointed.

Screenshot (4251)

Others appeared like the wheels in their heads were turning.

Screenshot (4244)

Some people looked like they wanted KISS to shut up and start playing.

Screenshot (4243)

One woman got up and started to talk about the glamorous life of a groupie.

Screenshot (4254)

She was met with mixed reactions.

Screenshot (4255)

One gal stood up and started telling KISS off, that they had to be able to discern between “sluts” and real fans who might just want to talk.

Screenshot (4250)

She looks like she wants to rock and roll all night and party everyday.


KISS was big in the times when there was only a 5 cent deposit on bottles.


Someone should give this to Gene Simmons to wear.


Detroit Rock City!

Trashion of 1992


In 1992, adding one’s own personal touches to otherwise plain clothing was at an all time high. Doo dads dangling from the wardrobe was trending and books like Creative Touches: How to Add Flair to Ready to Wear was there to help with ideas.


This gal puts together a look that makes her look like decorated military personnel.


This look called for excessive fabric as did so many in these days. The curtains/drapes look was acceptable. Looking like you were a piece of furniture covered up in a house that had been closed up for a decade was something many ladies went for.


This is the girl that the tooth fairy brought Barbie’s Dream House to for losing a tooth.


I don’t understand why these pants have elastic at the hems. Do his ankles swell and sometimes need breathing room?




People used to love to replace their laces with frilly bows, which was something I thought was very pretty and could make a welcome comeback.


Pleats were seen on almost every pants/shorts that was not denim.




Sunflowers were in their heyday during the 90s. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore used to wear them on the red carpet.


The first kids from school to move into a gated community.


What you wore when they invited you over.


Even though she wants to show off this fancy outfit, she should still be wearing a life jacket.




Just when we were about over panneling our entire homes with wood, we moved onto our vehicles.




“Angel in the Centerfold”

Cool Jack-0-Melon!


Her face froze this way.


The cardigan, in one of its many forms, as it shifts in and out of fashion.


You’re Beautiful!

Mac Toys and Quitting Smoking 1994


Ever since I discovered the second basement at Bay City Antique Mall, it’s been dollar mags galore. I scored a Mac User from 1994 with my latest haul.

This beauty was featured on the cover. This was from a time when it was still a new concept to watch any sort of television from your home computer. That hologram is actually a sticker.


This was light years before YouTube or Facetime. “Video camera as a desk accessory?” Apple is throwing a lot of concepts out there that we take for granted today.

eric06 (

This is Eric Lechner. He has uploaded an image of what Connectix was broadcasting back in the day. No color!


This was the Newton. It was like taking one of these:

nokia-3310-troubleshooting.jpg        (Know Your Meme)

And trying to make it smart. No telephone capabilities, though.


If you wanted to keep your Newton on you at all times, you could order one of these ginormous slings.


Other companies developed their own versions over the years. Nothing like this ever really took off until you could talk on it.


This was Apple’s digital camera. You could save 32 photographs on it. We all had to start somewhere.


This is what you could use to buy your $689.95 digital camera.


1994 was an era where people were hacking up their lungs from smoking so much in the 80s.


Nicotine patches were introduced so people had a chance to beat the coffin nails.


People got creative with ways to stop addiction.


Tobacco companies also upped the ante with creativity to keep as many people smoking as they could. Mmmm, Turkish Jade.


Exercise always helps when trying to quit smoking.


Sometimes, something as simple as brushing your teeth will cut nicotine cravings.


Besides, smoking turns teeth brown.

Screenshot (4209)